The Second Baby

The Second Baby

I took my first baby to Baby Sensory classes. We sung along to beautiful songs, we touched all the different toys and marvelled at the vast array of textures. We crawled underneath the big colourful tent, blowing bubbles and gazing at glow-in-the-dark stars.The only sensory session my second baby gets is watching me fold washing in front of his face or experiencing a raison being shoved up his nose by his brother.

My first baby got a bath every night. Enough said.

For our first baby’s christening, I sent out invitations two months in advance and the church was packed out with all the guests. He received many lovely cards and presents. We threw a massive party afterwards, fully catered. For my second baby’s christening, we just took him down to the church one Sunday and got the job done.

My first baby was not allowed to watch TV. My second baby lives in front of it. I think he thinks it’s his Mummy.

I was very excited to move my first baby out of his capsule into a carseat. I researched all the different ones, wanting to make sure he got the safest option available. I spent $700 on a MacDaddy model with all the bells and whistles. He can sit in it until he’s Seven. The second baby stayed in the capsule until his feet were hanging over the edge. I then walked into the baby shop and asked for the cheapest one they had.

My first baby got a lovely expensive cot, selected for strength, comfort and safety. My second baby is currently sleeping in a portacot.

My first baby enjoyed a lot of time on the floor, staring at the cool dangly toys on his play mat and having tummy time. My second baby does not go on the floor due to the safety risks associated with an 18 month old in close proximity. The plunket lady asked me if he rolls yet and I had no idea.He watches his TV from the couch! NB: for the record, I’ve established he can roll despite the lack of practice.

My first baby never cried. I could always tend to his needs immediately. My second baby enjoys a good old waaaaaaaah on a regular basis as I prioritise tending to the one who can move and run on the road.

My first baby didn’t get sick until he was 14 months. My second baby got a cold the day after we bought him home from the hospital and has been sniffing on and off since. He’s also had a terrible cough, ear infection and conjunctivitis. #contagioustoddlerinthehouse

Seriously, what happens to the third and fourth children!!????? (I was the fourth, maybe that’s why I have so many issues).

With all of the above being said, there are many advantages for the second baby. I spend far less time worrying about being a perfect Mother and doing everything ‘right’ this time. I don’t care if my second baby won’t self-settle, he’s a baby and I enjoy cuddling him to sleep. Who cares if he only catnaps during the day – he likes to be awake! He’s allowed in the bed because I know that in less than 12 months he’ll be more interested in climbing on the furniture than lying in his Mother’s arms.

My second baby is one of the happiest baby’s alive and doesn’t know the world without his brother in it.

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