Mothering Boys

Scary Little Girls

Obviously it goes without saying that as a Mum of two boys the question I am asked most often (even by total strangers) is “will you be having a third child?” The catalyst to this question is obvious; I will need to have a third child as I desperately want to have a daughter.

So, stop beating about the bush people… just ask me, “do you feel a gaping hole in your life where your daughter should be?”

My answer, other than “hell no am I having another child!” is often “god no, what happens if I have a girl?”. It’s not because I don’t think a sweet wee pink girlie girl would be cute and lovely. I would love to do her hair. It is these reasons why the thought scares the crap out of me:

  • I have boxes and boxes of boys clothes, my daughter would grow up dressed in blue and brown. I don’t actually know how to dress a girl, my boys live in track pants. I never see girls in track pants.
  • I have an innate fear of where the poo might go when changing a wee girls nappy. Seriously, with boys … it stays on the outside and it’s pretty easy. Girl bits freak me out! Not my own – I’m ok with my own.
  • The toys. I have an array of bikes and trucks and train sets. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m pro not gender stereotyping children, however boys and girls seem hard wired differently. My nieces don’t seem to be overly interested in diggers.  If it were possible, Alexander would live in a digger. Ally and I would be diggers and his wee brother would be a dump truck. Simple.
  • Following that topic … I wouldn’t know what to point out to a girl as we drove about town. She wouldn’t be interested in the multitude of cranes and trucks available for ones viewing please in Christchurch. I’d have to say things like “oh, look petal (that would be her pet name) that lady has a lovely handbag” or “look darling that lady has lipstick on her teeth, what was she thinking leaving the house?”.

I think it’s fair to say it’s a good thing I had boys. I plan to raise them enjoying what they like… which seems to be boy type things like trucks and blue stuff. I will however broaden their horizons and ensure they have a good balance by making sure they understand what a nice handbag looks like and also that lipstick is for lips… not teeth!