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Big Bad Body Image

To me it seems that every time I scroll through my newsfeed I see some video about post-baby positive body image that has gone viral.

You know – some woman (and I’m sorry to be blunt but usually she’s on the larger side) saying how miserable she has been her whole life hating herself and her body. She’s now realised that she is beautiful no matter what her size, and feels the need to share naked pictures of her jiggly bits on the internet.

Now, before you all go getting your nanna knickers in a twist, I’m not saying I disrespect the positive body image movement. I do genuinely think that beauty comes from within, and I do think it’s important that women learn to love themselves no matter their shape or size. I am also incredibly proud of what my body has done to bring my two beautiful baby’s into the world. BUT:

I feel it’s almost become a crime these days to want to be slim. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Kate Middleton with the best of them. But not because I think she set a really bad example to woman all over the world with her unrealistic post-baby body. I hate her because I’m extremely jealous.

So. I’m putting it out there. It’s OK to want to be slim. It’s ok to dislike your bingo wings, armpit fat and spare tyres. Let’s be honest, this stuff is unattractive!!! I’m not saying it’s ok to hate yourself – that’s a totally different thing – but if you want to fit into the jeans you wore before you got pregnant – GO FOR IT!!!!

For me personally, I prefer to be slim – and I don’t believe this makes me vain or shallow. I am happier, more confident and have more energy this way. I haven’t used having two baby’s in a very short space of time as an excuse to give up on what makes me happy and I don’t plan on doing so just so I can say I love myself. I do love myself – I just prefer it when my thighs don’t touch!

I guess what I’m trying to say is this: Accept and learn to love the things you can’t change (like stretch marks, surgery scars, grey hair and loose stomach skin ALL OF WHICH I HAVE) but if you want to lose 10kgs, have botox or get a boob job then that’s nothing to be ashamed of. #enjoyyourfaketitties

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