The ‘CAN’T BE BOTHERED’ bucket

As parents there are numerous tasks, events and pleasures we once did willingly in the name of fun or beauty.

There is also a long list of things as parents that we should do to be the “perfect parents” but due to time constraints and the share laziness of it all, we don’t do. Below is a list of things that we (Margot & Beccy) just simply can’t be bothered doing anymore.

  • Waxing. We’ve gone through plenty of pain having children. We endure enough pain in the day-to-day management of children. Getting your pubes ripped out from the roots is simply
  • Tanning. I love being white now. Not in a supremacist way. If I’m stupid enough to get sunburnt I’m not going to even it up or apply fake tan… If I worry about it at all, I’ll just wear the same top or pants I got sunburnt in to begin with.
  • Baby Shoes. Sorry, but if you don’t walk yet, you don’t get shoes. We don’t care how cute they look. End of story.
  • Herbal Tea. Are you kidding!!??? Why would you bother drinking a beverage without caffiene or alcohol in it? #wasteoftime
  • Making baby food and/or heating baby food: Straight out of the can or not at all bubba, this isn’t Masterchef.
  • G-strings: A thing of the past. The very very distant past. For Margot that is. Beccy’s still rocking the g-bangers.
  • Sorting the washing into lights and darks: Seriously, that shit can be all thrown in together.
  • Make-up remover: I seriously can’t be bothered with this. The best bit about this is in the morning you can wipe away the old panda eyes and have that very sought after “Natural” look.
  • Fancy undies:  if I was able to fit my old lingera (i can’t even spell it any more) great. It might get trotted out for Birthdays and Christmas. I’m happy if the undie combo are the same colour and even better if the holes are still all in the right places.
  • Exfoliation: Who has time. If I’m driving past the beach I might jump out of the car and rub my face in the sand. That’ll be me for another few months.
  • Crushing Garlic: Seriously, did you know it comes in a jar already done!!?? Why would you bother!!!??
  • Ironing: Don’t even get me started. Unless it’s my hair, it can stuff off.
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