Happy Birthday!

It’s your birthday. Yay, another year older. Woo hoo. Yes, the woo hoo was dripping in sarcasm. You’re a Mum. You are unlikely to have what used to pass as a birthday unless you have a husband that worships the very ground you walk on, or wants something great for his birthday. They might somehow make your day very special and you might, just might ,get a birthday nap.

So, how things have changed in six easy to remember points:

  1. You wake up and have to get out of bed before 6am, instead of getting home and going to bed before 6am. Awesome.
  2. Breakfast – you probably used to head out for a leisurely brunch. Today you will likely end up wearing some cereal as a small hat and eating the leftover peanut butter toast someone left behind. Coffee, essential but likely to be luke warm, instant not single origin filter coffee from your favourite cafe. Dreams are free my friend.
  1. Unless it’s not a preschool day (please please let it be), you will have the usual “let’s get dressed dance” ending in a pile of discarded clothing and your children headed out the door in pjs.  Pre-child birthday treats probably involved a similar dance alone in a fitting room of your favourite store, minus the pjs. Remember that? Remember what it was like dressing without a buggy in there with you? No? Me either.
  2. Ah the birthday dinner out. What a fabulous occasion surrounded by your friends drinking your favorite cocktails and dancing the night away. Fast forward a few kids and years later, you are lucky if you don’t just have fish fingers and vegetables or a takeaway that you know the kids will eat.
  3. Your birthday entertainment for the evening would be lovely if you were cuddled up on the couch watching a great movie of your choice but let’s face it, you’ll most likely fall asleep and wake up with your sleeping husband giving you a dead arm.
  4. The sixth and most important part of your birthday day is falling asleep knowing that one day you will have kids who will make you breakfast in bed (probably toast but you’ll love it), make you a card and potentially a pasta covered jewellery box (which you can snack on if times get tough) and most importantly they will actively try and make your day really special.
  5. God… I forgot the wine!  You’re a Mum, it’s our lifeline. Enjoy a glass or bottle. Don’t skimp.

Happy birthday my friend xxx