About Us

Who are we?

We are Margot and Beccy – two Mum’s with two boys each and god willing no more on the way.

We are friends, not lesbians  – just in case you were wondering. Not that we mind lesbians of course, so if you’re a lesbian, please make yourself at home.

Our blog, Dummy Diaries is for modern Mummies that don’t take themselves too seriously. No Mother Teresa’s allowed.

Our number one priority is to make you laugh. We also want you to have those ‘oh thank god, someone else locked their baby in the car too’ moments, when you realise you are actually quite normal and not a certifiable nutcase.

Occasionally, we will inform you on Mummy related things. But only non-boring informative matters that you couldn’t read anywhere else. If we bring you boring matters, then we hope it better be bloody funny.

If by some miracle our blog becomes famous (and quite frankly we would love that so please share our posts far and wide), we promise not to overload you on sponsored posts where we pretend to review stuff but really are being paid to say nice things.

Sometimes we swear. Sorry. But we WILL NEVER EVER USE LOL OR LMFAO. EVER. If you are a lol or lmfao user, I’m not sure we can be friends.

Love Margot and Beccy.

P.S. If you want to contact us, message us through our facebook page here. Give us a like while you’re there.